Authentic Living Program

Authentic Living




This 6 month program I created based on my clients’ desires to live more authentically and find their purpose. I will guide you with one on one coaching and energy healing using The SimplyHealed® Method to identify your passions, create healthy boundaries, stand in your power and live authentically in business, relationships and personally.

As a member of this program you will receive:

(2) 60 minute Power Coaching sessions per month

These power sessions create miraculous changes and you will feel enlightened, more confident, love yourself more readily and find passion in your purpose. We will uncover your hidden gifts and talents and you will discover true joy as you connect with your purpose.

Energy Healing

Each of these coaching sessions will include powerful energy healing using The SimplyHealed® Method. I will use my gifts and muscle testing techniques to zone in on what is keeping you from identifying with your authentic self and purpose. By clearing the energetic root and patterns you will find joy, awaken to your authentic self, and create lasting transformational change.

6 Group Energy Clearing calls

Each month you will have access to a group call focusing on a specific issue, fear or universal law. We will not only identify the root causes for the fears and how it plays out in your life but we will clear the energy of that fear. You will learn about different Universal Laws and get energetically aligned with them to ensure you are applying the principles correctly in your life.  The group calls are on the 2nd Thursday of each month and are recorded for unlimited future playback. These calls are SO fun because miracles really happen when things show up differently in your life when fear is no longer in your way and you understand and use the Laws of the Universe correctly.

Weekly Email  support

You will have access to me via email to answer any pressing questions or strugles that arise in your journey of living authentically. Through these emails we can break habitual patterns of negative self talk and you will have the support you need to create higher thinking and behavior, which then creates different outcomes in your life.

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