Whose Got My Back??

The Universe is AMAZING.

Have you ever had those times when something shows up out of the blue and everything seems to fall right into place?

You know, when you don’t really have to even try very hard to make something happen?

This has been the situation for me over the past month and half.

I decided in January that my best friend Amber and I were going to go into business together and open a small studio style gym and the UNIVERSE has shown up in incredible ways since.

Since saying YES, despite the reasons not to, the unknowns, the fears, everything has fallen into place almost seamlessly.

Now, I know enough about the Universe and its Laws to know that this wasnt a random thing that just fell into my lap, although it feels that way.

In fact, I think I’ve been getting prepared for this for quite a while in small and simple ways that didn’t make sense to me at the time.

I keep hearing this little chant my son, Caydens, basketball team says at the beginning of every game running through my head.

While the other teams players are being introduced Cayden’s team gets in a circle with him in the center. Cayden starts out softly saying saying “whose got my back” while the team replies weve got your back” and he continues while getting louder each time until it’s a full blown chant the crowd can hear. It’s really an awesome way to get the team energy going from the start.

I keep hearing those words “whose got my back?” “I’ve got your back” chanting in my head.

The UNIVERSE really does have my back, and yours too.

Do you believe that? Do you feel that?

If you don’t I would love to work with you, in a Simply Healed Energy Session to get your energy clear so YOU too can experience the magical feeling of being supported.

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How do you get yourself to a place you feel the Universe, God, your friends and family all GOT YOUR BACK?

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