The meaning of life. What is it?

I recently got the news that my Uncle Quentin had passed away, very suddenly and very quickly.

This left me in a state of shock.

The next morning I got up and did my workout, my normal morning things and then sat down to do some journaling and reflection with this news having come late the night before.

As I began to journal, the words just flowed onto my paper. The words of LOVE.

I believe that LOVE is the real purpose of this life. To learn how to freely give and receive it, in its purest form. Love without condition or judgment.

I think we, myself included, often put too much focus on things that seem rather important here and now but really are not of significance.

The only thing that matters is LOVE. The only thing that really has the power to change anything or anyone is Love.

We often go through each day as if there will always be another one. As if the anger we feel toward someone will always have time to be resolved. We stress over a situation that we feel is super important or feel justified in our judgments because we have been wronged.

What if we are actually here to learn just one thing, love.

To learn to love unconditionally, without any need for anything in return. To love freely and to receive it back ten fold?

What if the purpose of this life has nothing to do with how successful you can be, how much wealth you attain or what kind of influence you have on others and more to do with learning to love?

Would that change how you did things, how you felt and lived?

I believe it would change every aspect of our lives. Our relationships, how we ran our businesses, how we viewed our struggles, everything, absolutely everything.

So for today, if only you can today. Focus on love.

Love without reservation, send love to everyone and everything you see. Love your situation, for exactly what it is now. Love your trials, your blessings, your relationships, your job, yourself.  Then open your heart to receive love back and see what can shift in just one day.

I send love to each of you today!


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