Read what people have to say about how working with Lacey and SimplyHealed™ has helped them in their lives.

Lacey, through the SimplyHealed® method, has helped my family so much. I began this journey with food sensitivities long ago and talking to Lacey about the possibility of clearing them out for my children and myself was the first true ray of hope that I saw. Before that, I had no idea that “energy healing” existed, but I know that healing through the Holy Ghost and power of God is very real.

When seeking answers and praying about how I could help my newborn child with the eating difficulties he was having, I received personal inspiration and answers through the spirit of God; so when I heard about this method, I knew and hoped it could work. I felt the Spirit of the Holy Ghost from the beginning of our first session with Lacey, and knowledge, truth and light every time since that I’ve worked with her in person, proxy and on the phone.

I was so impressed that I wanted my mother to work with Lacey and when she did, she was enlightened and changed. The knowledge and understanding that I have gained through working with Lacey has helped me and mine become more aligned with Heavenly Father, and has helped me clear negative emotions through past events that were linked to the food sensitivities and maladies we were feeling. My understanding of body and spirit and the connection between the two has broadened through this experience. I feel drawn to learn more and more. It has been Awesome! I am so excited to continue down this road of light and healing

Shelly W. February 12, 2016

I am writing in reference to the SimplyHealed® session that I participated in with Lacey Sherwood in May of 2012. I had a deep sadness in which I couldn’t find the complete cause of, and heard from Lacey through her sessions. She was able to pinpoint things about problems I had and get rid of the negative energy related to those problems. I wasn’t exactly sure what her session would be like, but thought I would give it a try.

Lacey not only educated me in the types of energies and how they affect our bodies, but without me giving her anything else to work from (except the fact that I had been very sad) she was able to pinpoint several causes for my feelings. She helped me find immediate things that needed to be cleared out, as well as old things from the past that had been impacting how I felt about myself. Lacey cleared out the negative energy and allowed me to feel lightened, and have a renewed sense of myself. I was finally able to put the past pains behind me and finally move forward.

I know I will probably need a few more sessions at some point, but even after one session, working with Lacey has really helped me begin healing and tune into a more positive person with a better understanding of myself.

B.S.T. February 12, 2016

My name is Christa Clouse, and I first saw Lacey in May of 2012. Using the SimplyHealed® method, Lacey has helped me overcome a plethora of personal issues that have been plaguing me for years. Lacey helped me first by educating me on how energy work is done and how it helps us to regain a balance in our lives. She was more that a healer throughout the process, but a teacher as well. When I first went to Lacey, most of my issues were related to food and weight. After a few sessions, we discovered together what the deeper problems were and were able to fix those energetic blocks. Throughout the entire process, I felt confident in Lacey’s intuition and her ability to read my blocked energy and figure out how to balance things as they came up in our sessions together.

I appreciated the SimplyHealed® menu and binder throughout all our sessions together in that it made finding blocks easier to remove. Lacey is very knowledgeable in the system and works quickly to make as much progress as possible in each hour-long session. She did an excellent job reading me as an individual and I respect her in her practice as an energy therapist. Lacey Sherwood is a gifted person in the practice of energy work, especially with SimplyHealed®. She does not rush the process but allows for the energy to be guided naturally during a session. Lacey never forced subject that didn’t need attention and always focused on priority issues.

I trust Lacey will be an excellent resource for many people who are suffering from energy related problems they didn’t know existed. With this holistic approach to healing, I have been able to overcome physical and emotional obstacles that I thought I would be carrying for the rest of my life. I have recommended her services to close friends and family because I trust she can help them the way she has helped me.

Christa Clouse February 12, 2016

I love the SimplyHealed® energy method!  I have had a couple of sessions with Lacey and have always come away feeling lighter, clearer and more focused.  It is amazing that we can have so many adverse effects from holding on to stuff, burying our feelings and carrying stuff that isn't even ours.  And we often do all this without even realizing it!  Lacey has such a gift for being able to read where our blocked energy is located and moving those energy blocks so those things can be released.  I was struggling with a physical issue and didn't even realize that it had to do with something emotional that I couldn't let go of.  Lacey was able to find the problem and release it and I was the recipient of the physical issue going away - awesome! SimplyHealed® is such a great non-invasive tool to enable us to live our lives more productively and Lacey has the skills to help so many people do just that!  I would highly recommend a session with her for anyone!

M.M.B. February 12, 2016

I was not certain what to expect in a SimplyHealed® session when I had my first session with Lacey. I went in blind and after our first session I was so intrigued I signed up for another session. I had never experienced energy work quite like SimplyHealed® and after the first two sessions decided this would be part of my self-care and healing journey. I worked with Lacey for a year and that year took us in many different directions. I think the most common thread of the work we did was living true to my nature and clearing out the blocks that prevent me from doing so. Those blocks come in many different forms, and I was always amazed at where the energy took us and what needed to be cleared in each session. There were several occasions when Lacey would read the energy, ask me a question, and I was able to work through something that I had never been able to work through in traditional therapy. Lacey is genuine, kind, caring, and compassionate. I love Lacey and I love the SimplyHealed® method.

Metta February 12, 2016