Set yourself up for success

Summer is officially over at our house. School is back in full swing and our daughter’s high school volleyball season is upon us.

I love the routine of school starting. I don’t love the busy-ness it ensures with 3 kids in school and sports and two involved, active, working parents. You can imagine that there arent many nights or hours that are left open without something occupying them.

That being said, it’s a really good kind of busy, I wouldn’t have it any other way then to watch my kids do their thing in sports and excel in school. To, set by example, the importance of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and caring for my body.

Eating well and balanced is key to fueling your body to keep up with all the demands placed on it throughout the day(s).

I know, from many conversations, that our family is not the only one who experiences this sort of busy-ness and struggle to find the time to do anything outside the list of have tos.

Often times, even for our family, this results in quick, less healthy dinner and snack options.

A few things that seem to work for helping me be successful in staying on track are:


Knowing ahead of time our week’s schedule and which nights I will have time to cook what is key to my success. Let’s face it, some nights it just ain’t gonna happen. However, if I know that ahead of time I can use some pre-cooked or prepped food or leftovers to create a simple grab and go meal.

For me, the only way we will avoid cold cereal and fast food dinners more nights than not is to know my week, be realistic about my time and have a plan. I like to plan out what I can realistically do each day and create a healthy balance of options.


Once I know my schedule and meal plan I can prepare. I like to prepare some of the items ahead of time for those nights there just isn’t time.

Sometimes this means cooking a crockpot of chicken, more than what is needed for that nights meal and having the rest on hand for quick grabs. Sometimes it means pre chopping or preparing veggies or cooking up some rice. Let it be easy and simple. Don’t overthink it.

Be flexible.

Even the best of intentions and plans won’t guarantee my success if I am not willing to be flexible and adjust things accordingly. When that booster club meeting lasted longer than it was supposed to, when a practice runs long or when things were much busier with work than I had planned on.

I have learned to be flexible without judgment and it has saved me more than once. There is nothing wrong with picking up a pre-packaged salad or pre-cut veggies. Let the judgment go around ‘cheating’ so it’s not as ‘home-made’. (eye-roll)

Do a few simple things that will set you up for success and when you have a ‘failure’ night wash your hands and move on to another day.

There is no failure until you stop trying.

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