Mind Body Connection, does it matter to you?

I have an honest question for you?

Do you think that the mind body connection matters in your life?

As most of you know, I recently opened a small studio style gym in my town. I have met some really incredible people over the 2 weeks we have been open, I mean some really great people. Some completely new faces, some I’ve seen around and some I’ve known for years.

I have seen all these incredible faces show up for one purpose, to train their physical bodies.

I have often wondered their why? What is the reason behind them being there to put their bodies through physical movement, not always fun, sometimes quite intense.

My goal is to find out their why’s, as we get to know each better, as we spend more time together. I hope to be more then their trainer, to be a good listener, to be a support team for more than telling them how many reps they have left of an exercise.

Is the why behind them being there anchored in a really healthy place of self love? Is it due to mis-guided disgust or hatred for their bodies, is it because they believe being physically fit is an important piece in their overall well being?

I believe the why is where the mind body connection comes in and can be an incredibly powerful tool for good.

I am surprised at how often I hear “I hate working out, but I do it so I don’t get fat” or something similar. I have even heard professionals, trainers refer to things in a negative way such as torture, no pain no gain, etc.

Hearing these things always stops me and sends a jolt through me. How can doing something negative (tortuous, painful) be good for you? At least if thats what the mind believes it to be.

What would happen if our mindsets about our bodies changed, if our thoughts about physical movement and exercise changed for the better?

I can tell you from my experience that when I have a healthy mindset my workouts are fueling, feeding my body not depleting.

My energy levels are higher.

My recovery is better.

My life overall is smoother.

I understand not everyone is aware of their mindset regarding their bodies, their physical movement and that there is a powerful connection of mind and body. I get that. I hope to change that.

So, let me ask you again, because I want to know your thoughts.

Is the mind-body connection important to you?

Why? Whether yes or no, why?

Your input will be so helpful for me to have a deeper understanding, to be a better listener, a better connector, a better support!

Share your comments or contact me and share them with me privately. I would love any insights you all have.

Thanks in advance!

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