If you had no FEAR

I talk to a lot of people….a LOT of people.

Do you know the one thing I hear more frequently than anything else?

The F word…….FEAR

Fear of making wrong decision, Fear of failure, Fear of Success, Fear of being alone, Fear of other people’s judgments and on and on……

Why do we live in such fear?

Or maybe the real question is why do we allow those fears to control us, dictate what we do and don’t do, run our lives?

Lets be honest, we ALL have fears, we do. Why do some allow them to run their lives and others don’t?

I will tell you why.

The people that are allowing fear to have control havent challenged or questioned their fears.

Our society, in general, has somehow decided that if you fear something there is good reason and you should run as far away from it as you can. Fear = Bad


Fear is a privilege. Fear provides the most amazing opportunity to growth.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and you were FearLESS. What changes?


Everything you want is on the other side of your fear but most people won’t take the risk because of their fear of failure.

Failure is not ‘failure’…’Failure is simply producing a result. ‘Failure only exists when we give that result a meaning about who we are.” -Mastin Kipp

Take that part out and let failure just be a result and it changes everything.

Good leaders go to where the fear is and embrace it -Kerwin Rae

Fear is needed, fear is what prepares you for greatness.

Imagine one of your greatest fears is climbing an incredibly high mountain.

Imagine facing your fear and deciding to do it anyway. Every step up that mountain your heart raced, you told yourself “just don’t look down” and you went step by step. You got to the top of that mountain, how do you feel? AMAZING, POWERFUL, INSPIRED AND UNSTOPPABLE.

Now, imagine your fear was taken from you and you had ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR about climbing this same mountain. What would the journey be like? What would there be to celebrate once you reached to the top? Would you feel those same feelings?

FEAR prepares you for greatness!

So, what would you do if you had no fear? Rather than try to wish away the fear, embrace it.

What is on the other side of the fear is what really matters.

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