How do you celebrate?

How do you celebrate your successes, or do you?

I started, along with my gratitude experiment, in January to list and own my successes on a regular basis and it has completely changed how I feel about myself. I am more loving, more patient and more kind to myself.

I began this 8 week challenge about 3 weeks ago. A challenge to up level the way I care for and treat my body. Fueling it with more fruits, veggies and water. I Love a good challenge.

I used to hate to participate in anything I didn’t know I could win or at least do really well at. I hate to lose! Haha

I have come to enjoy the journey a little more and feel happier throughout the whole ride. This is in big part due to owning my success, recognizing what I am doing well at and adjusting the areas where I would like to improve.

Throughout the challenge I have seen both people being kind and patient with themselves and others who have beaten themselves down for not being ‘perfect’.

How do you own your success? Do you make it part of your daily practice to recognize both the small and big things you are doing well at.

Sometimes success even comes in the form of getting a shower today 😉

My challenge to you is for the next 30 days acknowledge EVERY day at least 1-3 successes.  They don’t have to be from that day specifically, but acknowledge them, search for them and OWN them.

I would love to hear how this process goes for you and help celebrate your successes with you. You can email me and share or share on my facebook page.

You are AMAZING, start acting like it!


  1. How lovely.
    Yes I will look with gratitude for all that I do …even the most meanial tasks won’t seem so bad.
    Deb in Australia.

  2. Yes, this is such a great practice to start seeing the truth of the things around you, life starts to look more balanced, more hopeful, more fun. Thanks Lacey for encouraging me to do this daily.

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