Does gratitude really matter?

You all know and have heard you should be grateful for what you have. This is nothing new.

It is easy to find gratitude when life is going good, things are as we want them or we are at least not in the midst of a crisis. It can also be easy to find gratitude when things seem to be turned upside down, at least if we are using the Law of Relativity correctly it can be.

What about those times when things are neither great or terrible. When life seems to be on auto-pilot.

I find that this is when most people fall off the gratitude band wagon, when there isn’t an intentional effort to focus on what IS working and the abundant blessings all around them. People sort of just coast through this time waiting for the next high or low.

What if I told you that by intentionally connecting to gratitude and making it a focus, even and especially during the auto pilot days your highs and lows can flow easier?

It’s true. I recently heard that gratitude is the equalizer. Although we know, through the Law of Rhythm, there must be ups and downs. Gratitude has the power to make these highs and lows flow more smoothly.

Picture one of those machines that measures heart rate. You see those extreme ups and downs, they are sharp and drastic. This depicts how life feels and it becomes easy to live in constant anticipation of the next high or low.

Living in the frequency of gratitude is the way to make those sharp and drastic ups and downs softer and less dramatic. You also begin to look forward to this natural rhythm, knowing it is necessary.

Feeling gratitude, even in your lowest, is power.

Understanding the Law of Rhythm will help you connect to more gratitude in every moment. Knowing when you swing left you must next swing right and when you are in down you must go up.

Find gratitude and blessings in the minutia of each day, in the boring, in the simple and watch how it opens you up to receive more.


  1. I love ‘accidents’ like this one. I am happy you are here. You can opt in to receive my weekly newsletter and blog post on my website. Enjoy!!

    • Thank you Kris, I am glad it touched you! Gratitude is an amazing tool in our lives and can literally create miracles when we connect with it frequently.

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