Doubt much?

Last week I wrote about fear and how it keeps you choosing the same old story and keeps you from experiencing the transformation and change you desire. Fear is certainly one of the biggest reasons people stay in mediocrity. This week I wanted to talk about another key thing I see holding you back.


You doubt your abilities, you doubt you have the support required, you doubt you have the time, you doubt you have the skills, you doubt EVERYTHING.

Doubt is just part of your very compelling story that keeps drawing you in with intensity and realism. “Can I really do better” “That life is for everyone else, not me” “I have tried and nothing has worked for me”  “ I just don’t have what it takes” I am going to be honest, I am tired and weary of hearing you give these lies more credence in your life than they deserve. They have run your life long enough. Doubting yourself and your abilities does NOTHING for you expect solidify the ‘lie’ that you aren’t enough and aren’t capable of greatness. Those lies are getting really old, I know you are feeling it too. I heard the weariness in so many of you the last few weeks but you just lack the knowledge how to not let your doubt run your life, it’s so loud and real, I get it.

To quote Dr. Phil Hows that working for ya?

There is a better way to live, a higher level thinking and living that IS POSSIBLE, even for YOU.  We all want to believe we are somehow unique or special. And you are, just not in the way you think. You are not unique in that changing your beliefs, clearing your energy and becoming the master of your mind won’t work for you to live the life you dream of. That is a LIE.

Successful people, whether it be athletes, entrepreneurs, or people who have success in relationships didnt have an unfair advantage over you. They simply learned to not trust the doubt, the lies and the stories their minds were telling them.

Watch for next week a special email with some tips for you to move beyond your doubt, to take action in spite of your fears and gain the knowledge necessary for your success.

Much love.


  1. So true Lacey. I think a step is trust. Trust – until you believe – and then the fear can start to dissipate as it’s shown for the lie it is.
    Or surrender to the opportunities in front of you and the line in the sand is that you will show up as the best version of yourself you know how to be for that opportunity and learn along the way.

    • You are exactly right Susan, those doubts are just lies you have told yourself long enough they become your truth. I am so excited for you to surrender your doubt, step more into trust and show up as the best version of yourself!!

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