Why I don’t make a New Year Resolution

I love this time of year. New beginnings, saying goodbye to a year and hello to a new one.

This time of year has a natural energy of wanting to better one self, to improve and reach new heights.

I love that energy. I find myself cleaning things out (physically, mentally and emotionally) to make room for the new.

But.How many times has the start of a new year rolled around, you set these grand resolutions to do better, be better and by mid April youve forgotten all about them?

If you are anything like the majority of the rest of us it happens more often than not.

This isn’t because the resolutions you have made aren’t good ones and worthy of being finished.

I believe not reaching your goals or completing your resolutions happens for a couple of reasons, three of them being:

1-Your resolution is broad and you haven’t set up the structure and steps to successfully put you on track to carry it out.

2-Your resolution is something you feel you should do but you really don’t have a concrete, supportive why backing it up.

3- You have set ONE resolution and don’t have any way to really measure if you are on the track or you simply get bored with it and stop trying.

This is why I have decided NOT TO SET A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION in the traditional sense.

Instead I have goal(s) written down that I then I break  down into monthly focuses to keep me on track, motivated and excited. This is way more fun and do-able for me.

Each month, I set up a focus, intention, action step that aligns with the bigger goal I have and I spend all month really focusing on doing that one thing and doing it well.

I be sure to make the focus something I can measure and therefore celebrate. Celebrating your success is a HUGE factor in your happiness but that’s for another day 😉

Small shifts make BIG change.

For example. My January Focus is MORE water, LESS sugar.

Now, if I make this a focus without having a plan to follow to achieve it chances are I won’t be very successful. So, I am using the MyFitnessPal app to track my water intake and food intake.

Being accountable to input what goes into my mouth I am less likely to grab that hershey kiss  and more likely to grab my filled water bottle.

By focusing on one or two simple things each month I will have made some pretty significant changes in my life by the end of 12 months.

This feels lighter and exciting than simply making a New Years Resolution to “be healthier”, “be more generous”,  “be more connected” or
“get finances in order”.

These are all really great desires and goals but without a measurable way to reach them they are just words.

Let me leave you with my tips as you create your New Year goals.

1-Choose a goal that excites you and that you are really anchored into. Your why or reason for it must be solid.

2-Focus on one month at a time. What is ONE thing you can change this month that gets you closer to your goal. Don’t get caught up in all the many things you would need to change or do differently to reach your goal. Keep it simple and focus on one or two things each month.

3-Celebrate. Celebrate your success along the way. This keeps you motivated and you deserve to be celebrated!

If you need help goal setting and getting energetically connected to your goals or monthly focus you can schedule a SimplyHealed goal setting/energy session with me <HERE>.

I will help you get all set up and ready to go this year!


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