Do you live in congruency?

What is congruency?  The definition is “agreement or harmony; compatibility”.

According to Brendon Burchard in regards to living in congruency he says this How we think of ourselves (our self image) and how we behave in accordance with that image in the real world is the stuff of congruence.

If we live small, hiding and not allowing our light to shine, yet our soul knows we are more brilliant than what we allow to be seen, more creative intelligent and capable it creates an incongruence within.

Most people often deny their best self by acting smaller and less than they are or behaving contradictory to the type of person they believe they are.

If you believe you are a kind, patient person yet continually lose your patience and say unkind things that is not living congruent.

If you think you have talent and potential and are capable of success yet you say no to opportunities that come your way and never stretch yourself that is not living congruent.

How do you counter this natural tendency to think one thing and behave differently?

One suggestion that Brenden gives in his book “The Charge” is to “think more of yourself, and demand that your actions be congruent with the best of who you are and who you can be.”

Its impossible to live congruent with something that you havent ever defined. That would be like me giving you a pen and asking you to draw a square when you have never learned your shapes.

The first step to living congruently with yourself is to define exactly who you are.

Start by making a list of all the traits or qualities you have and then add to that list the traits and qualities you would like to have. This will help you start to define yourself. Be careful not to right down qualities or traits you feel are expected of you and instead make sure they are ones you resonate with.

Define who you are, Act as if you are that person already and then you Become that person.

Choose today you are going to live congruent with the you you defined no matter what comes your way!


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