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Doubt much?

Last week I wrote about fear and how it keeps you choosing the same old story and keeps you from experiencing the transformation and change you desire. Fear is certainly one of the biggest reasons people stay in mediocrity. This week I wanted to talk about another key thing I see holding you back.


You doubt your abilities, you doubt you have the support required, you doubt you have the time, you doubt you have the skills, you doubt EVERYTHING.

Doubt is just part of your very compelling story that keeps drawing you in with intensity and realism. “Can I really do better” “That life is for everyone else, not me” “I have tried and nothing has worked for me”  “ I just don’t have what it takes” I am going to be honest, I am tired and weary of hearing you give these lies more credence in your life than they deserve. They have run your life long enough. Doubting yourself and your abilities does NOTHING for you expect solidify the ‘lie’ that you aren’t enough and aren’t capable of greatness. Those lies are getting really old, I know you are feeling it too. I heard the weariness in so many of you the last few weeks but you just lack the knowledge how to not let your doubt run your life, it’s so loud and real, I get it.

To quote Dr. Phil Hows that working for ya?

There is a better way to live, a higher level thinking and living that IS POSSIBLE, even for YOU.  We all want to believe we are somehow unique or special. And you are, just not in the way you think. You are not unique in that changing your beliefs, clearing your energy and becoming the master of your mind won’t work for you to live the life you dream of. That is a LIE.

Successful people, whether it be athletes, entrepreneurs, or people who have success in relationships didnt have an unfair advantage over you. They simply learned to not trust the doubt, the lies and the stories their minds were telling them.

Watch for next week a special email with some tips for you to move beyond your doubt, to take action in spite of your fears and gain the knowledge necessary for your success.

Much love.

Your compelling story or radical change? Your choice

I have been so blown away by the number of you that, though miserable, will continue to buy into the compelling story you call reality over and over again.

Why is your story so compelling? Do you ever wonder why this story, the reality you are currently experiencing, yet are unhappy with, continues to play itself out and you seem somewhat drawn to it over and over again?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I want _______(fill in the blank)”,  “I am so sick of not having money” “I am so tired of being unhappy” “I want more in life” yet you continue to create more of the same over and over again. Nothing is really changing expect you are growing very weary of your story yet you cant seem to walk away from it? Why?

I will tell you the biggest thing(s) I see keeping people and most likely you stuck.

Fear plays a HUGE role in sucking you into staying put. Fear is a funny thing you know. The more I understand fear the more I come to learn it is nothing, its not even real. “Not real?!” you may be saying. Ha. I know it seems so very real and powerful in your life, trust me I know. However, think about what you fear. Fear you won’t pay your bill, fear you won’t get the job, fear you will fail, fear you will be alone the rest of your life. NONE of this has actually happened so this ‘fear’ is really nothing at all. It is just a temporary deviation from living as who you are meant to be, your best self. Fear keeps that from happening, it keeps you in mediocrity.

I am inspired when I hear of people doing things that scare them but you did it anyway.

Go <here> and share with me what you did and how you felt.

I will tell you something I did that was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

SKYDIVING…..right after I turned 18. My heart was racing as I took my place on the edge of the open door in the plane, ready to jump out. The air so powerful against my face I could hardly breathe. I jumped, I did it and I was SO glad I told my fear to take a hike. It rejoined me briefly as I was ‘falling’ through the air but it didn’t last too long as it was the most exhilarating feeling to literally be falling through the sky, I always wished I could fly!!

Share your story with me <here>

***P.S. Watch for the next two things I see keeping you on repeat. Coming soon! ***

30 Day Experiment and 90 Day Rule

In sales there is this 90 day rule. What you do today (or sell) will create your results 90 days from now. So if you don’t want to be broke 90 days from now you work your tail off, not seeing the results yet but trusting that you will.

In sales or not this 90 day rule is being applied all the time, with every one of us.

If we only had the trust and faith that the work we do today, the way we think and believe and feel is creating our results in life, as much as we trust the 90 day rule sales model we would be creating so much more of what we want.

Life, happening all the time, all around and within us seems to create this  un-truth that “life happens”.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this “well, life happens. Just have to deal with it”. We couldn’t be further from the truth when we think that way. We are literally creating our future every day, every thought, every action and every thing we do (or dont do).

I didn’t want to buy into this for a long time because crap that meant I was to blame for any unhappiness or lack I was experiencing. It’s much easier and more fun to blame circumstance, upbringing or down right bad luck. Isn’t it?

I recently heard this quote from Leslie Householder that made me laugh and sunk in so deep at the same time. She said something like this, ‘We tell ourselves lies every day, why not tell our self lies that support us in creating a life we want”.  Haha, I had to laugh when I heard this. It’s so true. When I first started telling myself things like “I am Enough” “ I am a success” it felt so wrong, I wasn’t connected to it at all, IT WAS A LIE.  Or at least it was a lie according to my current vibration (what I thought was truth).

I eventually told myself the ‘lie’ about me being enough enough times that it then became my new truth. That is where my new vibration resonated and now when I say that it feels oh sooooo good and true.

What lies are you telling yourself today that are creating your current reality? What thoughts are most dominant? Do they support what you want or more of the same, what you dont want?

To quote Abraham Hicks, “If there is something that you want that is not coming to you, it is for only one reason: you are vibrationally different from it. If there is something you have that you don’t want, it’s for only one reason: you are vibrationally the same as it.”

What are you going to experience in the next 90 days, or less 😉

Drifter or Deliberate Creator?

Are you a drifter? I have been a drifter most my life. Not a drifter in the sense of having no place to call home and roaming about the country. 🙂

A drifter in the sense of direction and life. Sort of just drifting where the wind would take me, get excited or pumped about this or that and then easily move on to the next exciting project or thing that came my way because it felt right or sounded fun, never really creating deliberately.

Being a drifter left me with lots of certifications, lots of unfinished projects or ideas and lots of fun. It also left me feeling unfulfilled and wondering what I was doing with my life. Sure, I had lots going but everything I was doing, outside of motherhood, was never enough. I would get really excited to, let’s say get my personal training certification, and would have these big dreams of all the different things I could do once I did. I would do just enough to get my certification then the spark fizzled and I would eventually decide it wasn’t for me. I did this many times with different things; massage, training, nutrition, essential oils, etc. etc.

I recall really beating myself up for not really ‘finishing’ or doing anything with any of these things. I felt very disposable, very insignificant.

I have been steadily working my mentoring, energy healing practice for almost 2 years now (after 4 years of being certified and creating nothing). I have only been successful due to learning about being a ‘drifter’ vs ‘deliberate creation’. AHA, there it was, something that finally made sense to me as to why I hadn’t taken anything all the way to it’s potential. I was drifting. I was NOT creating deliberately. I had no definite-ness of purpose, as my mentor calls it.

Amazing what changes when you create with that definite-ness of purpose. Things move, align and fall into place, it’s so much fun. It is certainly not all cherries and gumdrops, there have been many days I have felt tired and not wanted to continue but I have learned to not be drifter anymore. I now run a successful Mentoring, Energy Healing practice. I work with clients all over the country helping them re-claim their lives, connect with their purpose and live the best version of themselves. I have the best job in the world!!

What will you decide for 2017? To create with deliberate purpose or continue drifting?

Watch for my next week’s blog post for tips on creating with deliberate purpose and how to identify if you are a drifter.

10 Days left until Christmas!!!

Can you believe it, it’s almost here. I want to leave you with a couple tips and thoughts as we go into the home stretch before the big day.

  1. What are you focusing on? What we focus on grows/expands. It’s the Law of Attention at work. The Law of Attention, simply put, says that you will attract more of whatever your dominant thoughts, feelings are. Focus more on gratitude, love, peace and hope and see how you attract more things to feel gratitude, love, peace and hope for.
  1. Give from the heart. Let go of judgments and fears around gift giving. Will they like it, is it enough, etc. and give from the heart with love and it will always be enough.
  1. Ask God each day What do YOU want me to do today, how can I serve You today? and watch how He inspires your mind and heart to send an email or text, to stop by someone’s house, to pray for someone, to help a person in need, etc. I promise you will always have enough time when you put Him first.

Make the next 10 days really matter.

I choose to focus on gratitude, love, serving and inspiring. What do you choose to focus on?

Kindness Matters

Why do we as humans degrade, belittle and mock others? It’s something I have been thinking about lately. We have even gotten to where we get away with it by saying it was in ‘jest’ or it was just ’teasing’. I know I have been guilty of this. I dont have the answer as to why we do this, although I have a couple theories that I wont get in to today but I do have the solution.

KINDNESS, it really does matter.

Dont we all want to experience more kindness, more compassion and more love? So many people live in the constant fear of others judgments of them. This can be debilitating for some. I work with clients all the time on letting go of caring about others judgments so I am very familiar with this phenomenon.

What if we all gave each other the benefit of the doubt and showed more kindness, what could really shift and change in our world? You may think ‘not much, there is so much hatred and negativity out there’.

Let me assure you that Kindness Matters and your kindness can go a very long way.

I am not only talking about being more kind to our family members, to our friends and co-workers when they are irritating you or you feel they are in the wrong. Although those are important as well. I am talking kindness when it’s hard. Giving the benefit of the doubt and holding a space of love for everyone around you, friend or foe.

Can you stop yourself from getting angry at the driver that pulled out in front of you when there was no car behind you for miles? Are you willing to let go of your judgments of the woman in the store on her phone, clearly distracted, while her kids are yelling and fighting and being obnoxious? Can you let go of your prejudice of the person on the street corner holding up the sign and begging for food? Will you give a smile or grin to the kid at school that is a bully and is horrifically mean to others?

It’s easy to show more kindness to those we already love and care for, right? What could change if you showed more love and kindness to those you dont know, or those who have wronged you or those whom dont deserve it?

I want to ask you to join me the rest of this month of December in a Kindness challenge. For the next 23 days dig deep within and be willing to be kind when it is uncomfortable and awkward and hard and lets see what happens, lets see what changes we see.

I want to hear from you how this is going and any experiences you have while doing it.

Comment below or reach out on Facebook <here> and let’s see what kindness can really do.

I am so Sick of hearing this…

The one thing that I am so tired of hearing is “it’s not my fault” in the many words and phrases it presents itself.

We live in a society of Non-Responsibility.

It’s your spouses fault, you aren’t supported and don’t succeed in _______ (fill in the blank)

It’s just in my genes

I’ve never been good at ___________(fill in the blank), it’s just not who I am or in my nature.

My boss doesn’t see my value and potential and gave the raise to someone else.

I have no time or energy left over for myself because my kids are so demanding and time consuming.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

You all know this tune very well, I am quite familiar with it as well. It boils down to personal choice and responsibility. Ouch…that can sting a little can’t it.

IT IS TIME you start taking ownership in your lives. You guys, you are Powerful Creators, you are fully capable of creating more success, a healthier body, a happier family, and So Much More. You will never do so until you STOP BLAMING EVERYONE for your problems.

You don’t always have control over your environment or circumstance; however you Always Have Control over how you respond, feel, think and react.

Take back your power, you’ve heard this before right? This is what it means. Your power is your choice, your thoughts, your beliefs. There is no gene, environment or upbringing that can override human mind and will. It is literally the ONE thing that can’t be taken from you. That is a tremendous gift and you are not using it to its greatest potential.

Don’t know how to take back this control and power? Let me help you. I have learned how and taught my clients how to do this as well.

Lets jump on the phone for a quick 30 min conversation and let me help you discover how you can take more personal responsibility and your power back. We all do it from time to time, I am not immune from this. The difference is I have learned how to recognize it and stop it by replacing it with higher level thinking.

Go <HERE> IF YOU ARE READY TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and reclaim your life and schedule a call with me.

Start now and let’s create the best year EVER in 2017. Don’t waste anymore time.

What are you projecting?

Did you know that everything your experiencing you are projecting?

All aspects of ourselves are reflected back to us. All that we perceive outside self is a mirror of something within. Therefore, everything that we see outside is a ‘projection’.

We project our energy, both positive and negative, onto other people and assume it is within them, often denying that it is within us.

Every time you say the words ‘you are’ or ‘he is’ or ‘she is/he is’, you are projecting something of yourself onto someone else.

I had learned a little about this Law of Projection in the past but it wasn’t until more recently I really “got it”. It sunk it at a deeper level.

This law has the potential to sting a little or the potential to relieve and excite.

This may sting if you use this Law to look at the people in your life, or situations, that are very bothersome, annoying or trigger some sort of negative response.

Say you are really irritated with a friend/partner/spouse who you feel isn’t listening, isn’t willing to hear your side or is being stubborn in their ways and it’s really bothering you. Law of Projection states that when you are saying ‘she is so stubborn and won’t see it my way at all’ that you are actually projecting a part of yourself onto someone else. So you may ask yourself: where in my life am I being stubborn, not willing to see both sides, not being flexible or willing to bend a little?

This isn’t always a fun thing to do but it’s pretty powerful.

Let’s use this Law in a positive way. We all have people we really look up to  right? A person you wish you could be more like. Well, good news, the qualities your noticing this other person has that you really admire are also your projections. So you have those qualities within you somewhere, maybe you just haven’t embraced them or allowed them to come out.

I really admire people who laugh freely and are totally comfortable being fun and silly without care of who is around, so I was quite happy to know I am projecting that and I too have those qualities. Perhaps I just haven’t given myself permission to express myself that way. It’s really fun when you start to realize the things you admire in others you are projecting. Then ou get to change thoughts such as “if I could only be like…..” or “I wish I was more ….. like so and so” to more supportive thoughts that allow that part of you to develop and shine!

What are you projecting? Take a quick look in your life at what is a trigger for negative response and what are you projecting out to get that experience and what are the good things your projecting out and receiving back.

Leave a comment here and share your experience with this or shoot me a quick email, I would love to hear what insights you get.

Can you really change your programming?

Can you really change your programming to manifest more of what you want?

YES, yes you can.  I taught this in my recent webinar.

How do you do that? Well, it’s simple really.

Harv Eker teaches these 4 steps to change:

  1. Awareness
  2. Understanding
  3. Disassociation/Detachment
  4. Reconditioning

Reconditioning is one of the hardest things you will ever do, it’s the mind management part. This is why most people never really get what they want, they give up.

Mind management is one of the first things I teach in my Empower group program because I believe in giving my clients all the tools necessary to be successful.

Together we work on these 4 steps to change and lucky for you I know how to move energy to make step 3, detachment, permanent and ensure your success. I walk you through the reconditioning phase and help you every step of the way. You don’t have to do it alone.

One of my clients said this “I’ve spent the last 20 years working with various self-improvement methods but it wasn’t until I started working Lacey that I began to see miracles. I’m amazed by how many wonderful changes have happened in my life since I started working with Lacey, and I know it’s because her energy shifting work accelerated the positive efforts that I was making.

This can be you too, doesnt that sound exciting?

Let me walk you through this 4 step process, step by step. Let me show you how to pivot away from old beliefs when the mind tries to take you back there. Let me teach you how to live a more empowered life, asking for and receiving more of what  you want.

Go <HERE> to get all the details of the Empower Group and how it can benefit you.

If this sounds intriguing but you are on the fence, schedule a FREE 30 min. discovery call with me <HERE> and let’s chat. I will help you uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and why and see if in fact Empower is a good program for you or not.

What do you do when you feel stuck?

We all feel stuck at times. If someone says they never are, they are lying. It is what we do when this happens that determines how long we are stuck and how apparent it is.

What does your ‘stuck’ look like? Does it look like low energy, brain fog and indecisiveness? Does it look like repeating the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome? Does it look like anger, discouragement? Does it feel like your in mud and cant move forward or even backward? Or does it simply look like not feeling motivated?

I have experienced all of these ‘stucks’ before, what about you? What do you do when you feel this way?

I used to stay there for much longer than necessary. Weeks, sometimes longer.  I would question “what is wrong with you”, I would feel guilty then be hard on myself and beat myself down further for not doing what I should be doing. To be honest, I am not sure what would finally spin me out of the funk, perhaps I stayed in it and pretended I wasn’t. I was pretty good at putting on my big girl pants and pushing through, like or not.

Sure, it seemed all was well again and I would temporarily get moving again only to be hit by those same thoughts on the next thing. This created a pretty unhealthy pattern for me.

Getting un-stuck looks much different for me now. Much healthier and permanent.

I know now that those negative thoughts are only my shadow side and I get to choose to believe them or not. I have tools in my tool belt that I can bust them out and use at any given moment. Sometimes its’ not the wrench I need for this problem, it’s the hammer or drill. So, it may take trying out a few of them to see which one will do the job. Sometimes its a combination of the them that gets the job done.

I have invested a lot of time, energy and money into myself and learning these tools. YEARS.

It doesnt have to take you that long. What are your tools that you currently have? I will share just a few quick simple ones that you can add to, or dust off and dig out of your existing toolbox .There are so many other tools that I arent easily taught through a simple blog post. Make sure you are receiving my newsletters with info on free trainings and calls I do to get more.

See which one works for you next time you feel stuck.

  1. Ask yourself “what is this really about?” Allow the emotions (energy in motion) to come to the surface so you can identify it. I hear all the time “ I don’t feel like it”. Well, why? What’s underneath that? Perhaps, fear?

Once you know the feeling you can choose to let that go and replace with a more supportive feeling. Hold your hand over solar plexus (navel) and take some deep breaths with the intention to release that feeling. Then replace it with “I am statements” holding hand over heart.

i.e Release with hand over solar plexus the feelings of not being supported or having what you need by letting them all come up, don’t push it away. With hand over heart make the statement “ I AM supported, I have all the resources I need to ________(fill in the blank). I see all the resources around me and I bring them into my reality”

  1. Listen to music and move your body. There is something powerful and magical that happens when you move our body. It instantly gets you out of your head (which I guarantee is where your stuck) and back into your body. So, let loose! Maybe it starts with just some shoulder or head movement but let it go through your whole body, feel it and just let your body move. If you need to be alone go into your closet with your headphones in the dark. JUST MOVE your body.
  1. Reach out for help, there are so many resources for help available. Friends, family, coaches, mentors, internet. Find one and use it. Preferably someone who can be real with you and not just jump into your pity party story with you and validate why you should feel poorly about something. Find someone who can give you loving honest input and help you see where you need to shift your perspective or how you can show up differently. You need to be open to receiving the input and advice you are given.

You can email me directly if you have something specific you are really stuck with and can’t seem to get out of it. Do you need a free 30 minute strategy call to discuss where your stuck? Why? And how to get you out of it? 

You can schedule that session <here>

Now, go get out of that mud! 🙂