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Why I don’t make a New Year Resolution

I love this time of year. New beginnings, saying goodbye to a year and hello to a new one.

This time of year has a natural energy of wanting to better one self, to improve and reach new heights.

I love that energy. I find myself cleaning things out (physically, mentally and emotionally) to make room for the new.

But.How many times has the start of a new year rolled around, you set these grand resolutions to do better, be better and by mid April youve forgotten all about them?

If you are anything like the majority of the rest of us it happens more often than not.

This isn’t because the resolutions you have made aren’t good ones and worthy of being finished.

I believe not reaching your goals or completing your resolutions happens for a couple of reasons, three of them being:

1-Your resolution is broad and you haven’t set up the structure and steps to successfully put you on track to carry it out.

2-Your resolution is something you feel you should do but you really don’t have a concrete, supportive why backing it up.

3- You have set ONE resolution and don’t have any way to really measure if you are on the track or you simply get bored with it and stop trying.

This is why I have decided NOT TO SET A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION in the traditional sense.

Instead I have goal(s) written down that I then I break  down into monthly focuses to keep me on track, motivated and excited. This is way more fun and do-able for me.

Each month, I set up a focus, intention, action step that aligns with the bigger goal I have and I spend all month really focusing on doing that one thing and doing it well.

I be sure to make the focus something I can measure and therefore celebrate. Celebrating your success is a HUGE factor in your happiness but that’s for another day 😉

Small shifts make BIG change.

For example. My January Focus is MORE water, LESS sugar.

Now, if I make this a focus without having a plan to follow to achieve it chances are I won’t be very successful. So, I am using the MyFitnessPal app to track my water intake and food intake.

Being accountable to input what goes into my mouth I am less likely to grab that hershey kiss  and more likely to grab my filled water bottle.

By focusing on one or two simple things each month I will have made some pretty significant changes in my life by the end of 12 months.

This feels lighter and exciting than simply making a New Years Resolution to “be healthier”, “be more generous”,  “be more connected” or
“get finances in order”.

These are all really great desires and goals but without a measurable way to reach them they are just words.

Let me leave you with my tips as you create your New Year goals.

1-Choose a goal that excites you and that you are really anchored into. Your why or reason for it must be solid.

2-Focus on one month at a time. What is ONE thing you can change this month that gets you closer to your goal. Don’t get caught up in all the many things you would need to change or do differently to reach your goal. Keep it simple and focus on one or two things each month.

3-Celebrate. Celebrate your success along the way. This keeps you motivated and you deserve to be celebrated!

If you need help goal setting and getting energetically connected to your goals or monthly focus you can schedule a SimplyHealed goal setting/energy session with me <HERE>.

I will help you get all set up and ready to go this year!


Christmas Bells are Ringing…

Don’t you just LOVE Christmas music? I do, I feel so much joy as I hear it all around me.

How are you holding up this month with all the hustle and bustle?

Yesterday my mentor Carolyn sent out an email with a list of Holiday Affirmations that you can print off to read each day or select a few that resonated with you to really focus on this month.

If you don’t know who Carolyn Cooper is or have ever followed her, you totally should! She is the Creator and CEO of SimplyHealed and is so down to earth, fun, and full of great insight and tips.

You can check out her full blog post with all the Affirmations <here>

I love this idea. Reading through them I noticed which ones I needed a little boost on. These were 2 of them.

  • I carry the light of the season with me everywhere I go.
  • I take in the sights, sounds, smells of Christmas and share the joy with others.

What kind of boost do you need to raise your vibration this Holiday Season?

Create your own personalized Affirmation, heres how:

*Recognize in what way you feel burdened, worn out or something you dread.

i.e: I feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the activities and events I must attend. I feel anxious about being around so many people.

*Get clear on how you would LIKE to feel instead about whatever it is.

i.e: I would like to be excited, energized, organized and looking forward to all my obligations.

* Using the present tense of I AM create affirmation(s) that encompasses how you want to feel.

i.e: I am able and confident in my abilities to prioritize and get done all things in their proper order. I am excited about the activities I choose to be involved in. I experience Joy and happiness as I engage in events with my loved ones.

Once you have your handwritten Affirmation(s) place them someplace you are bound to see multiple times a day. In the dash of your car, your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, etc.

Breathe in and out as you repeat your affirmation throughout the day and experience for yourself the power of words….

Share with me your experience, I would love to hear about it.


What it is I do and why now is a good time to try it out!

I hope all my US friends and family had a blessed Thanksgiving.

My family went to Arizona and enjoyed our time with extended family. We ate way too much good food, did some Black Friday shopping, played games and just enjoyed each others company. It was a beautiful trip.

Ive recently been asked What is it that you do? by a few people and it got me thinking.

I think a lot of you probably know what it is I do, what Energy Healing is, but I believe there are probably a percentage of you that don’t so I am talking to you.

I have heard it called Energy Healing, Energy Coaching, Energy work, and the all to funny ‘woo-woo’ work. HaHa.

Let me assure you there is nothing woo-woo about the modality I use EVERY SINGLE DAY, Simply Healed.

I use muscle testing to read energy, sort of scan the body and then we clear any blocks, emotions or stuck energy so everything is flowing and functioning 100%.

A very simple way to think about it would be like updating the software program on your computer.

Over time computers begin to run slower, they get sluggish and aren’t as responsive, they need updating or a reboot.

That’s what I do for the Energy Systems of the body. Reboot, update, clean up and get them running optimally. Awesome right?!

I absolutely love seeing clients get results like:

  • Being more at peace
  • Having more clarity and direction
  • Clearing money blocks
  • Mending broken relationships
  • Losing weight, healing relationship with their bodies
  • Clearing blocks in business
  • Healing childhood trauma
  • Reaching their goals, personal and business
  • Eliminating negative emotions and moving beyond fears


You should know there are many different Energy Healing modalities out there these days. (some of them very woo-woo)

I had previously been trained in a few other modalities prior to Simply Healed. I will never go back. You can read more about Simply Healed and the FAQ’s HERE

Simply Healed is so..well, SIMPLE. Using this technique I have been able to clear and help myself, my family and TONS of clients with many varying issues without needing anything woo-woo. 😉

If you have never experienced Simply Healed, you should! You wont regret it.

In the Spirit of Giving this Christmas Season I want to give back. I want to express through service my gratitude for this Amazing Blessing in my life.

Here’s how…..

The first 10 people to respond will receive a complimentary 15 minute Simply Healed Laser session with me.

This is not a coaching or mentoring call (which I offer too), this is an ENERGY CLEARING call!!

Woot Woot!!!

Not one of the first 5?! Dont worry, Ive got you covered too.

I will be offering 30 minute Laser sessions all month of December for just $25 for new clients, thats a savings of $50!!!!!!

What is your most pressing pain point? Let’s address it, let’s clear it! Let me help you be done with it once and for all.

You will be surprised just how much we are able to shift in just 30 minutes. Trust me, its phenomenal.

Here is how this works.

Go <HERE> to my scheduler, if you are one of the first 10 people to schedule it is FREE. After that the sessions will be 30 minutes and $25.

Looking forward to working with you 🙂

Feeling “burned out”

Exhausted? No energy? Relying on caffeine to make it through the mid-day crash?

Has your ‘get up and go’ completely gone?

You may be suffering from burn out.

Here are 3 ways ways to help you know for sure.

1. Everything feels hard. Even the day to day errand running and tasks feel hard. If anyone tries to add anything to your to do list you might just break down in tears.

2. Your closest relationships are dis-connected. When you are suffering from burn out your relationships will feel it too. Relationships take energy and when you have none left to give it’s easy to become disconnected.

3. Your immune system is compromised. Maybe you are feeling more run down or even experiencing some illness. Experiencing prolonged periods of stressful, busy times is very taxing on your immune system and adrenals.

Burn out is often caused by emotional blocks resulting in blocked energy.

So, you’re burned out? Now what?

Here are 3 things you can do to help yourself recover from burn out.

  1. Rest. Ensure you are getting proper rest and quality sleep. During restful sleep is when the body repairs itself and regenerates itself. Without quality sleep it’s hard to stay ahead of the game no matter how hard you try.
  2. Delegate. Ask for help in getting tasks done. Recognize busy work vs productive work and prioritize your time and schedules then accept help from those that are able.
  3. Self Care. Self care is critical to alleviating burn out. It’s the ‘magic’ sauce to sanity. Some of my favorite self care methods include: Energy healing, Power Naps, Girl time, Massage, Walks.

I love energy healing so much because it quickly gets to the root problem and leaves me feeling lighter right away. Energy Healing, specifically Simply Healed, is so effective in revamping your energy and creating an overall calm, peaceful state that it’s always one of my go-to’s when feeling burned out.

Are you in need of some restful sleep, learning how to delegate or give self care?

Reach out to me, I’m Happy to help you with tips I have learned along the way or work with you in a private Energy healing session.

How do YOU nourish your soul?

I love to workout, to get that rush of endorphins, to sweat, to be sore and to push my limits.

I get a natural high off of being physical. Whether it’s a hike, a volleyball game, a great weighted workout. I have even learned to get that high from doing yoga.

One thing I have learned to be as important as exercising my body is fueling, nourishing my soul.

This doesn’t come as easy or fun for me.

It’s work, it takes work for me to nourish my soul. I think in years past I have really judged how I have done this.

Just like I use to feel if I didn’t leave my workout dripped in sweat it didn’t really count, I think I have judged how I have fed my soul.

It didn’t count if it wasn’t through sincere, intense scriptures or prayer. It didn’t count if I didn’t get the warm fuzzies all over or it didn’t count if I didn’t bend over backwards in service for someone else.

That measure of success can sure leave a girl feeling blah and never quite up to par.

I have since learned that I can nourish my soul in many ways and that they vary depending on where I am in life, what my struggles are and that its OK to step outside the box a little.

I’ve never liked living IN the box.

So, what does COUNT?

For me, it’s anything that lightens my spirit, lifts my soul. Anything that brings a sense of joy, enlightenment or a desire to expand my being.

I am currently getting my spiritual high through asking questions, asking a lot of questions and opening the space for truth, for light for answers.

I am also nourishing my soul with hope filled books, stories and drawing on others experiences to anchor in truth.

This isn’t always my go-to. Sometimes it does look like scripture, meditation, music, prayer etc.

What do you do to nourish your soul?

I would love to hear what works for you. Are there specific things you do regularly?

4 weeks post surgery, what I have learned

4 weeks post surgery….

I had shoulder surgery 4 weeks ago today to repair 3 tears and fix the impingement problem in my shoulder.

This is what I heard prior to and continually after surgery

“LONG….HARD recovery.” “Hardest surgery to recover from” “Most painful surgery” “6 months to a Year for Full recovery”.

I went to physical therapy yesterday and this is what I heard

“You are doing AMAZING” “WAY ahead of the curve” “I haven’t ever seen someone at this point so soon after surgery” “What we are having you do isn’t usually until week 3 of phase 2” (I technically have 2 weeks of phase 1 still, meaning 5 weeks ahead)

Well that was fun to hear and a huge ego boost, initially. I went home feeling super awesome, sore from how much we did in therapy, but awesome.

Throughout the day I began pondering this and why it was so drastically different from what I was told I would experience.

I would like to think its because I am Wonder Woman…..but……I am all about asking questions lately and being a truth seeker so feeding my ego just wasn’t going to satisfy me, not today.

In my asking and seeking this is what I have discovered. Three things that have created my success thus far. 

  1. Pre-surgery condition. I am an active person, I live an active life and I love it. I am usually pretty good at taking care of my body through excercise, nutrition, etc.
    Many have said this “you will bounce back quicker than most because you are in such good shape.” While I believe this has its place in my recovery I believe it is only part of it.
  2. My mentality, my drive for the outcome I desired. I heard what everyone said about recovery, heck, I believed it briefly. Don’t misunderstand that the pain wasn’t big and real at the beginning. I wasn’t like some super human who had no pain ;). It was there, it was real and I actually lived on pain medicine the entire first week BUT I knew my goal, what I wanted to experience and stayed focused on that; 100% healing. 100% function.
  1. Proper and Adequate rest. What I mean by proper is, rest without guilt, without judgment and beating myself for needing and wanting it.

I used to believe that pain medicine and not being able to push through made me weak. I HATED pain medicine, I HATED having to rest.

I dont know exactly what changed, other than having more self-love, that led to a different mentality but I fully accepted that pain medicine, rest and care had its place, its purpose, and it didnt mean I was weak. (What an unsupportive way of thinking that has probably led to more physical harm on my body than positivity).

Be tough, push through, no pain-no gain, right?!?

I adopted new truths and beliefs over the years, unknowingly through my inner work, and my experience was completely different than any other time in my life.

I rested, LOTS, when my body told me to rest.

I accepted help, something else that has meant I was weak in the past.

I let go of any guilt about what I couldnt do. Which has meant my children have really had to step up to the plate to fill in the gaps of what mom usually does.

Guess what, they have!

I had no judgments on self, regarding the above……this was HUGE.

I believe this change from within has been the biggest catalyst for my speedy recovery.

My intention in sharing my success is not to feed my ego.

My intention is that any of you who may have suffer from tough man syndrome (a term I made up) may see the beauty in gentle, kind, patient self love and choose to be a little less hard on yourself today!

You are doing AMAZING, you are ENOUGH just as you are and you are LOVED.

I challenge you to question your thoughts, question your beliefs, question why you do what you do, question everything!

Questioning everything has been so eye opening for me, so freeing and takes a TON of courage.

Know you are loved, I love each of you.

Be a little more gentle with yourself, show a little more compassion today and make today beautiful, just like you.

Afraid of being your best?

Have you ever felt afraid of being your best?

Have you ever hid from truth? Hid from your talents and gifts?

I have. In fact I have been doing that very thing the past few months.

I dont know how to say this other than I have betrayed my authentic self. I have steered away from the things that light me up. I haven’t been coming from a heart place but more of a mental place.

I apologize, I apologize to you and to myself for not staying true.

Earlier this year I came face to face with some of the hardest challenges I have ever experienced.

I felt my world go dark.

Everything I thought I knew, every belief I built my life on came into question and my world went dark.

For months, I couldn’t see through the darkness. I couldn’t see my way out. I couldn’t see the light.

That was the most scared I have ever felt.

I thought to survive I needed to steer clear of any and all things spiritual , it hurt too bad, until I found my way again. Until I could see truth.

I dabbled in this thing and that thing, teaching more and more about mindset and habits, considered quitting all together and doing real estate with my husband. I even went back to my old roots of physical fitness and threw out an idea for a 12 week program focusing on body, nutrition and exercise.

I tried everything to stay away from connecting back with spirit and truth.

Guess how that has worked out for me? Not so well 😉

My passion, my gifts, my talents, although I am a lover of fitness, lie in the more spiritual nature of our beings.

Being connected to your higher self. Aligning energy to assist and support you in living your authentic self, your soul purpose. And most importantly simplifying life, struggles, challenges and bringing it all back to LOVE, bringing you back to a place of LOVE.


I remember now. I recommit now.

I ask for your forgiveness as I have recently not served you all from my heart space.

As I continue on this journey in coming back to LOVE I hope you will join me, walk with me and share the joys of Your journey with me.

I Love my tribe, thank you for being you and shining your brilliance in the world!


Set yourself up for success

Summer is officially over at our house. School is back in full swing and our daughter’s high school volleyball season is upon us.

I love the routine of school starting. I don’t love the busy-ness it ensures with 3 kids in school and sports and two involved, active, working parents. You can imagine that there arent many nights or hours that are left open without something occupying them.

That being said, it’s a really good kind of busy, I wouldn’t have it any other way then to watch my kids do their thing in sports and excel in school. To, set by example, the importance of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and caring for my body.

Eating well and balanced is key to fueling your body to keep up with all the demands placed on it throughout the day(s).

I know, from many conversations, that our family is not the only one who experiences this sort of busy-ness and struggle to find the time to do anything outside the list of have tos.

Often times, even for our family, this results in quick, less healthy dinner and snack options.

A few things that seem to work for helping me be successful in staying on track are:


Knowing ahead of time our week’s schedule and which nights I will have time to cook what is key to my success. Let’s face it, some nights it just ain’t gonna happen. However, if I know that ahead of time I can use some pre-cooked or prepped food or leftovers to create a simple grab and go meal.

For me, the only way we will avoid cold cereal and fast food dinners more nights than not is to know my week, be realistic about my time and have a plan. I like to plan out what I can realistically do each day and create a healthy balance of options.


Once I know my schedule and meal plan I can prepare. I like to prepare some of the items ahead of time for those nights there just isn’t time.

Sometimes this means cooking a crockpot of chicken, more than what is needed for that nights meal and having the rest on hand for quick grabs. Sometimes it means pre chopping or preparing veggies or cooking up some rice. Let it be easy and simple. Don’t overthink it.

Be flexible.

Even the best of intentions and plans won’t guarantee my success if I am not willing to be flexible and adjust things accordingly. When that booster club meeting lasted longer than it was supposed to, when a practice runs long or when things were much busier with work than I had planned on.

I have learned to be flexible without judgment and it has saved me more than once. There is nothing wrong with picking up a pre-packaged salad or pre-cut veggies. Let the judgment go around ‘cheating’ so it’s not as ‘home-made’. (eye-roll)

Do a few simple things that will set you up for success and when you have a ‘failure’ night wash your hands and move on to another day.

There is no failure until you stop trying.

How do you celebrate?

How do you celebrate your successes, or do you?

I started, along with my gratitude experiment, in January to list and own my successes on a regular basis and it has completely changed how I feel about myself. I am more loving, more patient and more kind to myself.

I began this 8 week challenge about 3 weeks ago. A challenge to up level the way I care for and treat my body. Fueling it with more fruits, veggies and water. I Love a good challenge.

I used to hate to participate in anything I didn’t know I could win or at least do really well at. I hate to lose! Haha

I have come to enjoy the journey a little more and feel happier throughout the whole ride. This is in big part due to owning my success, recognizing what I am doing well at and adjusting the areas where I would like to improve.

Throughout the challenge I have seen both people being kind and patient with themselves and others who have beaten themselves down for not being ‘perfect’.

How do you own your success? Do you make it part of your daily practice to recognize both the small and big things you are doing well at.

Sometimes success even comes in the form of getting a shower today 😉

My challenge to you is for the next 30 days acknowledge EVERY day at least 1-3 successes.  They don’t have to be from that day specifically, but acknowledge them, search for them and OWN them.

I would love to hear how this process goes for you and help celebrate your successes with you. You can email me and share or share on my facebook page.

You are AMAZING, start acting like it!

The Gift

For today’s post I wanted to share this beautifully written experience by a client of mine, Cindi. Thank you Cindi for sharing with me and allowing me to share with others.

During a recent session with Lacey, I mentioned that there was a situation from my past that I didn’t want to talk about, but that I knew was still affecting me.  I had been trying not to think about the situation, because I was afraid of getting sucked back into anger and hurt.  However, I had been feeling stuck in parts of my life, and I knew that I was still holding harmful feelings and beliefs because of this incident, and it was something I needed to clear out of my energy before I could move forward.  After discussing it, Lacey gave me a homework assignment that involved feeling the anger and pain I felt toward those who had hurt me, and not just in this particular situation, but throughout my entire life.  I wasn’t certain I wanted to do the assignment, because there were parts of that negativity that still served me in some ways, and that allowed me to stay stuck and not have to take the scary actions of forgiving and moving forward.

However, the parts of me that wanted to heal were stronger than the frightened parts, so I did as she suggested.  I sat with the anger, the hurt, and the frustration, and I allowed myself to really feel these emotions rather than push them aside.  After that, Lacey told me to visualize gathering all those feelings and thoughts into some kind of object, and then to get rid of it.  After allowing myself to fully experience these powerful negative emotions, I imagined that I bound them all up into a ball, and I kicked it high into the sky.  I figured that was going to be the end of the exercise, but to my surprise, the ball soared higher than I ever imagined possible.  As it flew over the oceans, it entered the atmosphere, and it lit up like a shooting star as the pain and hatred were transmuted into light and beauty.  All over the world, people stopped whatever they were doing and gasped in awe at the gorgeous orb of light that passed above them.  They called their loved ones, pulled their sleepy children out of bed, and held each other in amazement as the ball of light graced the night sky above them.  Finally it began to disintegrate and curve back toward the Earth.  The ball landed, and it was now only a charred, smoking lump.  Children raced to it, eager to glimpse the remains of something so lovely.

In my mind, I could see the scene, and I begged the children not to touch the ball that had once contained all my anger, rage, jealousy, and sadness, in case any of those painful emotions remained, yet they could not hear me across the oceans.  One girl reached out to touch the object, but it sparked and she drew her hand back.  Finally as it cooled enough to be touched, a small but brave boy reached out and picked it up.  It fit into the palm of his hand, like a charred but glittering piece of coal.  As he gazed at it in awe, his mother murmured, “How beautiful!  You’re so lucky.  What a gift!”  As he admired this treasure, a jealous rage came over a larger boy in the crowd, and he ran at the child and grabbed the object out of his hand.  As the smaller boy fell, his face glanced off a sharp rock, giving him cuts so deep they would scar.  As his mother screamed and the bystanders called for help, the boy’s grandmother calmly gazed upon the boy’s wounds.  Frightened, the boy asked, “Grammy, how bad is it?  Will I ever be handsome?  Will the kids make fun of me at school?”  The old woman, who had seen the cycles of pain and sadness and the wisdom they brought, simply touched his face and answered, “How beautiful.  You’re so lucky.  What a gift.”

At first I was horrified that this child had been wounded as a result of wanting something that held the remains of my anger, fear, and hatred.  Then I remembered that those emotions had been transmuted into light, love, and beauty as I released the ball and sent it sailing through the night sky.  What I realized from this experience is that when we’re caught up in our emotions and thoughts, it’s hard to believe that the pain in our lives can actually be a blessing.  Without the events that have scarred us emotionally or physically, we would never have the motivation to heal, grow, and add our light to the world.  If we can find the gifts within our pain, it can become a marvel that awakens others to beauty and love, and helps them to see things from new perspectives.  With the right blend of wisdom, guidance, and energy work, such as Lacey offers, we can speed up the healing process.  And the next time a gift disguised as a burnt ember lands near us, we can see it for what it truly is–an unexpected path to wholeness and Light.