Afraid of being your best?

Have you ever felt afraid of being your best?

Have you ever hid from truth? Hid from your talents and gifts?

I have. In fact I have been doing that very thing the past few months.

I dont know how to say this other than I have betrayed my authentic self. I have steered away from the things that light me up. I haven’t been coming from a heart place but more of a mental place.

I apologize, I apologize to you and to myself for not staying true.

Earlier this year I came face to face with some of the hardest challenges I have ever experienced.

I felt my world go dark.

Everything I thought I knew, every belief I built my life on came into question and my world went dark.

For months, I couldn’t see through the darkness. I couldn’t see my way out. I couldn’t see the light.

That was the most scared I have ever felt.

I thought to survive I needed to steer clear of any and all things spiritual , it hurt too bad, until I found my way again. Until I could see truth.

I dabbled in this thing and that thing, teaching more and more about mindset and habits, considered quitting all together and doing real estate with my husband. I even went back to my old roots of physical fitness and threw out an idea for a 12 week program focusing on body, nutrition and exercise.

I tried everything to stay away from connecting back with spirit and truth.

Guess how that has worked out for me? Not so well 😉

My passion, my gifts, my talents, although I am a lover of fitness, lie in the more spiritual nature of our beings.

Being connected to your higher self. Aligning energy to assist and support you in living your authentic self, your soul purpose. And most importantly simplifying life, struggles, challenges and bringing it all back to LOVE, bringing you back to a place of LOVE.


I remember now. I recommit now.

I ask for your forgiveness as I have recently not served you all from my heart space.

As I continue on this journey in coming back to LOVE I hope you will join me, walk with me and share the joys of Your journey with me.

I Love my tribe, thank you for being you and shining your brilliance in the world!


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